The Maytags “CITIES” - by fresk interactive. This video is shot in 360 and should be viewed on your desktop or the YouTube app to get the full experience. Look up. Look down. Look all around. The first music video and single off our upcoming album. Stay tuned for the official release!

The Maytags "Rita" Love Lines - Filmed and edited by Bruce James Bales of DEFT Recorded and Mixed by Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter (Nashville, TN) Mastered by John Baldwin (Nashville, TN) Dustin Smith - Vox, Guitar Sam Mogerman - Drums Daniel Kreipke - Bass Ben Chappell - Ld.

The Maytags "Marry Ya" - The Debut single from Love Lines Filmed and edited by Bruce James Bales Lighting by Jason "Moppy" Reed Production Assistant : Nicole Bantz Produced by Dustin Smith and DEFT Written by Dustin Smith Co-Written by Tim Sanders Arranged by The Maytags - Dustin Smith, Nick Leo, Ben Chappell, Tim Sanders, Andy Poppen, Sam Mogerman, Daniel Kreipke Video Appearance by Aaron Ehrlich.

This video was filmed by DEFT Productions for The Maytags. Special thanks to the whole crew at Deft.

Bruce Bales - Director Justin Jon Augustus Frank Merchlewitz Jason Moppy Reed - Lighting Summer Smith Fuller - Stylist / Make-up

The Maytags "On My Mind" - Credits: Written and Directed by Jack Meggers inematography by Loren Ekart and Michael Wilson Assistant to the Filmmakers: Emily Rowling Starring: Jill and Travis Belgarde The Maytags - Dustin Smith, Daniel Kreipke, Sam Mogerman, Andy Poppen, Aaron Ehrlich Hadley Douglas Dancers: Janice Baker Philip Cordova Emma Lohse Amanda Young Katherine