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"Fusing jazz with old-school soul, their track "Marry Ya," is a sweet and catchy love ballad." by Ian Hays   click to read the full review

"Retro soul, blues, grooves, funk and a few other styles, make the bands debut album 'Love Lines' something very special. 'Marry Ya' is but a small sip from a full glass, when it comes to, what's in store on this fabulous album. Whilst the influences of others may be there, this band pick up on an idea and develop it into a song to remember." 

BEEHIVE CANDY    click to read the full review

"The Maytags' music swings. It differs from all of the Des Moines' other retro offerings by its sheer vibrancythere's just warmth lining every note." 


"Fast forward to a year later and it's clear that that band is just wildly talented, not a wild card."

- Joe Lawler, Juice Magazine   click to read the full article

Exclusive Album Premiere: The Maytags - Nova EP

"Taking inspiration from the sprawling fields and open skies of Iowa, The Maytags’ new EP,  Nova, out December 2, harnesses a relaxed approached to soul; no one in the band overpowers the other. The band wanted to hearken back to the era of “that Motown Stax early stuff.” And with swinging horns, tight drums, slick bass lines, and key parts, plus solid vocals, Nova takes the sound of neo-soul to new heights."

- by Ian Hays    click to read the full review

The Maytags "Cassius" (audio) (premiere)

"Des Moines, Iowa is no soul music capital by any stretch of the imagination. However, that hasn't stopped the Des Moines-based band The Maytags from adopting the genre and making it their own. This band's take on it is less ostentatious than many of soul's classic records, and it has a decidedly contemporary feel, in contrast to groups such as St. Paul and the Broken Bones."   click to read the full review

"Iowa might not be the first place that comes to mind when music fans think of classic soul and rock and roll, but that might change once they hear The Maytags."

- The Iowa State Daily   click here to read the full article