the maytags


“Gaining in popularity over the years, especially since the release of their newest album, The Maytags have drawn attention from many and received countless outstanding reviews. Juice Magazine commented “Fast-forward to a year later and it’s clear that that band is just wildly talented, not a wild card.” Another review, from VICE, stated “The Maytags’ music swings. It differs from all of the Des Moines’ other retro offerings by its sheer vibrancy—there’s just warmth lining every note.” Read more here.

Dustin Smith / Lead Vox, Guitar
Frank Merchlewitz/ Keys
Andy Poppen / Trumpet, Vox
Tim Sanders / Tenor Sax, Vox
Aaron Ehrlich / Tenor Sax, Vox
Sam Mogerman / Drums
Daniel Kreipke / Bass